New heated vest is lightweight, attractive and versatile

Inner & Outer Heated Vest
Designed to provide warmth while outdoors, this garment operates for up to 18 hours on a rechargeable battery.

There are many ways to stay warm when you’re outside during wintertime. Not too many of them are lightweight and fashionable.

Ivers Yves Pierre, an entrepreneur from the Dominican Republic who now lives in Berlin, Germany, believes he has found the perfect solution. It’s a battery-powered heated vest that can be worn inside a jacket or on top of a shirt. The vest weighs just over a pound and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 18 hours.

“Being from the Dominican Republic, I am used to living in a tropical paradise,” says Pierre. “So you can imagine how shocking it was to experience my first winter in Germany. No matter how much money I invested in staying warm, I just could not get used to the frigid temperatures. Layering my clothing just made me look like a big puffy penguin.”

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Pierre knew there had to be a better way so he spent two years developing and perfecting a design for the heated vest, which is being produced on the Copertura Label. “It had to be lightweight, attractive and warm,” says Pierre. “I had to avoid anything that seemed bulky or unattractive.”

In addition, he made sure that this opensource wearable technology featured heating pads located in body locations that would optimize warmth. The final product is a durable, lightweight package that is contoured for a perfect fit and can help alleviate chronic pain, as well. Plus, the battery and control unit are detachable so the vest is machine washable.

Copertura Label has received favorable reviews from dozens of television stations, as well as Yahoo! Finance, the Boston Business Journal, Buffalo Business First and other business periodicals.

Pierre needs about $10,000 in start-up capital to bring this product to market. In order to generate this funding, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $99 contribution, backers will receive the vest and their names on the Copertura Label website ( That’s a 50 percent discount. Shipping ($8 to Germany, $22.50 elsewhere) is extra.

Bulk discounts are available for retailers.

“What make this vest different is its high functionality and versatile design in terms of fashion,” Pierre says. “It can be worn under a suit or on top of T-shirt. It looks great and really keeps you warm.”

For additional information, visit; the Copertura Label website,; or the Coptura Facebook page,

Pierre can be reached directly at

Inner & Outer Heated Vest in action.
Inner & Outer Heated Vest in action.

'Copertura Label' Logo
‘Copertura Label’ Logo

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