New Infographic Looks at the Science of Skin and Why Taking Care of it is Important

We’ve All Heard of the Importance of a Healthy Skin Care Regimen
For both health and looks, the skin is important

Keeping skin healthy is one of the most basic positive acts anyone can make for his/herself. Having good skin can mean feeling more confident, feeling better, and feeling healthier overall. With the average human holding nine pounds of skin, reaching 22-square-feet, it is no wonder taking care of skin is important. Now, Skin Achievement has released a new infographic that outlines the basic importance of a proper skincare regimen.

Protecting skin is one of the first most important things one can do for his or her skin. Providing a barrier against items that can damage the skin in any way is the first key. The infographic also notes that the body’s largest organ needs to be kept protected against harsh environmental effects. Luckily, the body lets one know when the skin is being damaged thanks to nerve endings that send signals to the brain.

The skin is in charge of helping keep the body’s heat regulated through radiation, convection, and conduction. It does this by dilating or constricting blood flow marginally to allow flow of blood to specific areas of the skin.

And though many may forget, the skin is a natural barrier for fluid loss, and without it functioning properly, fluid loss would be intensive, resulting in burning.

But skin does not only hold protective value. Keeping skin in tip-top shape means a stronger aesthetic appeal that can be seen by all those who view it. By making sure a regimen involves exfoliation, proper moisturizing, and providing it protection from harsh climate, one can heighten one’s own appearance. can now help anyone achieve the quality skincare necessary to look one’s best. Protecting the largest organ on the body is massively important, so why not do all one can to have perfect skin?

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