New Smart Home System Connects and Controls All Devices for Intelligence, Security, and Entertainment

Paigo is the brain of your house and aims to become the ultimate smart home, security, and entertainment device all in one sleek and intuitive package.

“Paigo Smart Home Center is the brain of your home. It connects and lets you control all your devices according to your desires and you can be anywhere,” says Paigo CEO and Founder Kamil Pawlak. Paigo comes with two parts: the server, or Paigo Center, which centralizes all connected devices, and a remote controller that can control these connected devices. Paigo also comes with a companion app that allows users to control their devices and homes through their smartphones anytime and anywhere.

Pawlak and his team has created a Kickstarter campaign to bring this project to life and to the market. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise €100,000 until May 11. The funds will go towards production of the units, as well as to generate consumer interest and make Paigo available for preorders.

The Paigo Center can easily be set up in any strategic location in the home, connected to a wall plug, connected to a HDMI cable for TV, and connected to the internet via WiFi or LAN. Once the Center is set up, users can then install and access the app from their smartphones in order to discover the devices that Paigo can control and centralize. Afterwards, users can then select each device and assign scenes, functions, locations, and schedules depending on how you want each device to work.

Paigo can be used for the home, office, or even a vacation place. It can:

• Control and monitor the home
• Serve as alarm system
• Connect to CCTV cameras
• Store data
• Serve as media center
• Show live TV or record TV shows and movies
• Use browser to surf the net
• Make and receive phone calls and video calls via Skype

Paigo is a unique system that brings together smart home intelligence, security, and entertainment. It connects all these functions into one interface that is easily manageable and accessible.

The remote controller has a QWERTY keyboard, air mouse, speaker, infrared, built-in speaker and microphone, and charger slot to allow users to perform a wide variety of tasks anywhere in the home. The air mouse makes it ideal for surfing the net on the television screen, while the QWERTY keyboard is suitable for social media and chatting.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, the Paigo team ho complete the companion app which will be available on all platforms. In addition, the funding will also allow them to acquire all the necessary certifications in order to fully make Paigo available in the market. Into the future, they are also looking to start a web-shop for Paigo and for other future devices.

In return, backers of the campaign will receive various rewards, along with the opportunity to preorder their own Paigo Smart Home Center units off the first production run. Other perks include additional features that increase as the pledge level goes higher. One of the highest tiers also offers an invitation to the Paigo launch celebration.

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