Norwegian inventor is developing the world’s first liquid-cooled PC

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New computer runs cooler and more efficiently, and lasts longer.

Stian Rokling, a Norwegian computer repairman, is developing the first liquid-cooled computer.

Most computers are cooled with an electric fan, which uses a great deal of energy and eventually breaks down. A liquid-cooled computer runs at lower temperatures, making it more efficient. The video card and the central processing unit (CPU) are particularly sensitive to high temperatures and work much better when the computer is cold.

“It’s a new concept but once it’s perfected, I think you’ll see all the major computer manufacturers going this route,” says Rokling. “A liquid-cooled computer runs better and lasts longer. And it uses plain water from the tap.”

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Rokling is taking every precaution to make this a safe product. Obviously, when water is running through an electrical device, the cooling lines cannot leak so they are made of a special corrosion-resistant plastic. In addition, every computer with the new cooling system will be run-tested for 24 hours before leaving the shop.

The new product is in the concept stages at this time and Rokling needs $4,500 to build a prototype. His expenses include materials for the cooling system as well as electronic items for the computer, including hardware and software that will monitor and control the cooling process.

In order to raise the $4,500, Rokling has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Rokling is hoping that computer enthusiasts from all over the world will help fund his invention. “Five years from now, everybody will be using these,” he says. “If you contribute to this project, you can say you helped bring it along.”

For additional information, visit or the water-cooled PC Facebook page,

Rokling can be reached directly at

Dream Liquid Cooling Project - Pic 2
Dream Liquid Cooling Project – Pic 2

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Dream Liquid Cooling Project – Pic 3

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