Not in the Dog House Releases Infographic on Dog Dander Allergies

Doggone Dog Dander – Not With These Non-Shedders
Doggone Dog Dander – Not With These Non-Shedders

Pet dander is often associated with the two staples of the American and British household: The dog and the cat. Now, an infographic by Not In The Dog House explains the creation and effects of the dander that can cause havoc in the average household for those who are allergic.

An estimated 10% of all of the United States population suffers from allergic reactions to dogs and/or cats. Both feline and canine dander can cause considerable havoc for those who otherwise enjoy their pets. Another 20% to 30% of Americans suffer from asthma, and having pets who create dander can be a true hassle.

Allergies are not always prevalent in the individual when they first purchase the pet. The allergy can build over time, and the dander is what triggers the reactions in the individual and causes sneezing and itchy eyes.

According to the infographic, common pet allergy flair-ups are induced by saliva, urine, and of course the pet dander. The good news for those who suffer from the latter is that certain breeds of dogs are non-shedders, and thus non-allergenic. This is great new for many, as the dander issue is the largest cause of allergic flairs in such individuals.

Breeds like the Australian Silky Terrier, Bichon Frise, Greyhound, Old English Sheepdog, Puli, Schnauzer, and West Highland Terrier are just some of the breeds that can be found on the infographic that are hypo-allergenic. Each breed can be a great companion to those who cannot handle the allergic reactions of other breeds.

Not in the DogHouse looks to help those who have to deal with dogs and breeds that are dander-spreading breeds. By controlling the spread of the dander and hairs, one can lower the risk of flair-ups while still being able to wholly love man’s best friend.

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