Noxel Releases New Technology: The #1 Mini Projector With An Embedded Digital Signage System — Regarded as Best In Its Class

Noxel has once again achieved what was thought to be impossible in the world of Digital Signage Systems. This new, state of the art digital signage system is built into a mini projector, making it the easiest and most practical way for retailers to advertise in their store. An all-in-one signage system that is plug-n-play, easily adaptable and available to all consumers and retailers.

Singapore – August 26, 2014. Noxel is a Singapore based company and has continuously proven that they are the “best in the industry” when it comes to Digital Signage Systems. Noxel has revolutionized the way that retailers can use the space in their store to advertise anything that they want. Digital Signage Systems are quickly overtaking the traditional methods by leaps and bounds. Noxel is widely known for their “cloud based” signage system, where retailers can pull from their data in any location, but with this latest release, it can be displayed via its built-in, high output LED projector.

Noxel’s new digital system is amazingly affordable and user-friendly, and at $890 it doesn’t break the bank. Noxel’s Xtream Series is top of the line and thanks to its high lumen output, the sharpness and clarity has never been better. With this new Digital Signage System, there is no need for a TV, because the built-in LED projector displays what has been loaded into the unit. All Noxel units are low in power consumption, but this does not detract from the quality of the graphics in any way.

A spokesperson from Noxel was recently quoted as saying, “This type of feature integration is something that hasn’t been done before. Not only have we combined the signage system and the projector, but we also focused on making the unit as compact as possible. Now retailers’ amazing graphics can be displayed anywhere in a store regardless of available space.”

After a market comparison, Noxel comes in right at the top as far as market knowledge as well as competitive pricing. Noxel’s newest product is a compact LED projector with a built-in Digital Signage System. It has a very high lumen output with minimal consumption. This new product is unlike any other systems that are currently on the market.

The Digital Signage System is cloud based and can be accessed from any location via a web browser. Through this web browser the user can edit virtually every part of the system, allowing for a streamlined sales campaign or removal of sales materials from a remote location. 24/7 software monitoring ensures that the system is always working properly, and the easy to use CMS can be accessed from one central panel in the dashboard.

Instead of Noxel charging an arm and a leg for this product, they have priced it reasonably at $890. Transparent screens for windows and glass are also available to allow for a seamless integration. For more information on the products and support that Noxel provides, visit their website at:

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