Parent With A Purpose: One Woman’s Fight to Save Schools With Millions of Recycled Crayons

Los Angeles, CA — Restaurants throw away 150 million crayons per year in the United States. This Earth Day, The Crayon Collection and Kids In The House are teaming up to share with parents and kids how they can collect crayons in their communities to help save the environment and help support classrooms in need.

Sheila Michail Morovati started The Crayon Collection as a way to bridge the gap between the lack of basic supplies in the classroom and the crayons being wasted on a daily basis at local restaurants.

“We contacted several large national kid-friendly restaurant chains and asked them to become a Crayon Collection participant,” she explains. “We then trained their operations team on managing the collection of left behind crayons and then we paired the restaurant with a nearby school that is in need of school supplies.”

The Crayon Collection has reached communities across the United States and is also now being implemented in other countries including Hong Kong, Beijing and Australia.

“The Crayon Collection is such a simple and easy way to teach our kids how to be eco-friendly and how to help those around us,” says Leana Greene, CEO of Kids In The House.

Many NON-Title 1 schools have also taken the initiative to help the Crayon Collection by hosting Crayon Collection crayon drives and then donating the collected crayons to nearby schools in need.

“The kids love to do this project,” says Sheila. “You’re teaching them about recycling, reusing, and helping the community.”

The Crayon Collection recently began partnering with the National Head Start Association of America, a division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. By partnering with the NHSA, The Crayon Collection has now been able to approach restaurant chains with over 1,000 locations and pair them with Head Start Centers, who serve 1 million of the most vulnerable children in America. 

“We are thrilled to have formed this new partnership and we look forward to collecting and pairing more restaurants with more schools who are in need of crayons around the country,” says Sheila.

To learn more about the Crayon Collection and how you can get involved, watch and share this video with your family.




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