Piccolino, Innovative Software and Hardware Design Company Already Exceeded Kickstarter Goal

Campaign Aims to Launch the World’s First Compact Arduion and Piccolino Gateway

Houston, Texas – April 20, 2015 – World Class Technologies, an innovative software and hardware design company, announced the new product launch called the Piccolino. This is the world’s first compact Arduino. The company started a Kickstarter campaign, which was named Kickstarter Staff Pick and has already raised three times the set goal amount from supporters.

Its advanced design integrates with OLED, WIFI, SD card, 32K RAM to take 21st century and advanced project to the next level. Piccolino is compact and low-power arduino that is ultra flexible so people can play, create, embed, and invent anything they want. Developers and lovers of technology that enjoy making new things are falling in love with the small device.

It is a low-cost alternative platform that is easy to use. People can now deploy on new projects much faster and have it done with quality. Piccolino also has a powerful programmable controlled with embedded OLED display. The WIFI connectivity programs uses existing tools like Arduino IDE environment and ESPlorere Ide so users do not have to learn new software language to operate it. The hardware is also configured so individuals can use it as either an access point or a station. It was designed for smooth development of mobile device controlled appliances as well.

Enthusiasts and professional engineers can use the Piccolino to complete projects everyday. The foundation of the hardware was built on the success of Arduino micro-controller, while adding two individual touch zones on the bezel and other features mentioned earlier to make it a high performance choice that is low-cost. People can now create whatever they want and whenever they want without any hassle or monthly fees to pay for this advanced service.

Creators encourage users to have it as a stand-alone device with an external battery, embed it in a custom project, or use it to teach various technologies. There are plans to launch the Piccolino Gateway, which is a service to leverage the company’s service to conduct Internet functions using the innovative hardware explained in simple to understand API. It will be a free service to all Kickstarter backers. The software will have a library, support, and demo sketches.

Those wishing to show support and take advantage of the free Piccolino Gateway, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Backers can also choose from many other attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the donation.

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