Professional Organizer Jaclyn Goss Is Bringing Order To The World, One Client At A Time

Founder of Tip Top Organizing, LLC, professional organizer Jaclyn Goss works to bring order from her clients’ chaos. She has appeared on both the television show Hoarders and on CNN.

Jaclyn Goss of Tip Top Organizing, LLC ( is committed to bringing order from chaos everywhere she goes.

A professional organizer, Goss helps clients decide what to keep, what to get rid of, offers product recommendations and assists in implementing new organizational strategies and systems.

“The most rewarding thing about my job is walking into someone’s life when they feel like it is in chaos and walking out leaving them feeling empowered and in control of their space,” Goss says.

Goss has appeared on the A&E docu-drama Hoarders, which delves deep into the hoarding behaviors of its subjects and offers them a lifeline with professional cleaning, decluttering, and organization. She has also appeared on the news network CNN, charged with organizing a reporter’s desk, a video of which is still available on the network’s website.

A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Goss follows a strict code of ethics and holds all interaction with her clients in the strictest of confidence.

“Everything,” Goss says, “is kept confidential.”

Establishing Tip Top Organizing, LLC. in May of 2010, Goss is dedicated to helping her clients by whatever means necessary, including offering organizing help virtually via the Internet. Using on-line video conferencing and photo sharing, Goss is able to help clients across the country without ever having to step into their homes.

“Being organized is something that everyone needs. It helps you control your sanity because one of the worst feelings is knowing that you have something that you need but not being able to find it when you want it,” Goss says.

She helps clients stop the endless cycle of purchasing items only to be unable to locate them when needed, allowing clients to avoid purchasing multiples of the same item. This, Goss says, helps to save her clients money over time and helps increase peace of mind.

Goss takes pride in the ability of her services to transform her clients’ lives. One client, she says, was living in such disarray that it took multiple consultations, visits, and direct support before gradual progress was made.

“A client was living in a home that was extremely cluttered and disorganized when I met her,” Goss says. “Each session, she got rid of a little more and starting getting rid of things in between our sessions on her own.”

Ultimately, Goss says, the client was able to see the value in having a clutter-free and organized home.

“Slowly, she started to change her habits and just moved out of that home into a new beautiful loft,” Goss says. “She is keeping it nice and organized, feels great about her home, can have people over and is living an entirely new life.”

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