Queries like, ‘Where I Can Find a Job’ is Effectively Addressed by an Advanced Job Platform

Queries like, ‘Where I can find a job’, can be addressed effectively by a career platform designed for networking and job related interaction.

The U.S. Payroll to Population employment rate (P2P) deteriorated steadily in early January on a 30-day rolling average for the 30 days ending Jan. 3, the first reading for 2013. It clearly shows that companies are being very selective in hiring. Candidates are asking, ‘Where I can find a job’ because the job situation does not seem to get any better.

However, even in this uncertain recruiting environment, there is good news for candidates and recruiters. SkillStrings.Com is a unique career tool that promises to help professionals manage their job interactions better and make the best of the limited opportunities available in the job marketplace today.

The portal helps professionals find the best jobs available in their industry through what is being described as a virtual strings concept. It is a fine union of the modern day social media activity and the traditional job boards. There are some unique and highly useful features such as video profile, interview room and recruitment tools available for recruiters and employers. They are designed to make the hiring process easy for both the players concerned and guarantee a more efficient recruitment cycle along with improved productivity in all stages of the process.

It is easy to register and get started on SkillStrings.Com. The dashboard is the main view available to every user. It includes a calendar for scheduling and storing information about interviews, a space to enter and post updates to the user’s network and recent account activity related to the strings or connections of the user. The Strings Feed on the dashboard is a news feed that shows updates from people in the user’s network.

SkillStrings.Com benefits candidates, recruiters and employers in large measures. Candidates find it easy to connect with recruiters and employers seeking people with their skills. It helps them in keeping their job search focused on job listings that match their profile. The portal gives them an opportunity to differentiate themselves from others with a 90 second video. The video helps recruiters and employers judge their potential employees from close quarters and make the right choice.

SkillStrings.Com platform offers candidates the opportunity to interact with recruiters and hiring managers through email, online chats and video interviews. They can view interview appointments and use the online calendar to stay organized.

Recruiters use the SkillStrings platform to connect with skilled candidates that match the requirement of the job profile on offer. The platform offers easy scheduling of interactions for screening candidates. The interactive video facility can be used to accelerate the qualification process and screen the candidates faster. For employers, SkillStrings.Com acts as a one-stop platform to manage all their hiring activities and communicate with all members of the recruiting team. The portal allows them to remove redundancy and inefficiencies in the hiring process.

According to a SkillStrings.Com spokesperson, the jobsite is different from other career portals because of its ability to build a network that is completely based on skills that you specify. “The connections made as a result, are STRINGS with real potential to be leveraged in a hiring scenario.  So, in essence, SkillStrings is a career network that really works for you in the talent or job search.”

You don’t even have to be on SkillStrings when you are looking for candidates or a job. You can use this highly interactive platform to communicate with others through email, chat and video sessions. Candidates asking, ‘Where I can find a job’, are sure to find the perfect solution and job when they use the SkillStrings platform.

To know more about SkillStrings and the many advantages they offer recruiters, employers and candidates, visit http://www.skillstrings.com/

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