Research Shows Facebook Hashtagging Not Effective

Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Twitter all still benefit

For those who have made it a point to mash up your Facebook marketing posts with as many hashtags as possible, it actually seems to be that it just does not matter much.

According to the latest report from Facebook rating service EdgeRank Checker, posts from the hashtags seem to actually underperform as compared to standard tagging or posts.

Twitter is of course where the hashtags originally came from. The # symbol was underused on phones up until that point, and an explosion of use came into reality once the popular social media site began to use it. Now, the habit of the hashtagging has become prevalent, but the use has not translated to Facebook.

The lack of use and effectiveness is odd considering that the rest of the social media landscape

seems to benefit from the use. Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine have all used such devices to tag items or genres of interest. But Facebook has been the hold out, and the inefficiency in the use may be to blame.

EdgeRank noted that posts with the hashtags have the median viral reach of 0.8% overall. This is below the comparable 1.3% by the non-hashed posts. The very same skew seems to apply
across the spectrum of data. Hastagged posts have 0.22% engagement, while organic numbers have 0.25%.

Edgeranked data showed the rate of virality for the pages with 1 million fans (minimum) was still lower for the hashtagged posts.

“Examining engagement showed that regardless of fan size, using hashtags did not have a positive impact on a brand’s engagement,” Wittman said. “Examining Viral Reach per fan size also illustrates that using a hashtag does not increase viral exposure. This is a surprise for us, as we would have been certain that using a hashtag would have caused an increase in Viral Reach, even if it were a small increase.”


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