Rising New York Singer, Rebecca Perl, Plans Breakout Album

As the epicenter of American culture, New York has been the inspiration for many of the country’s most important musicians. New York native, Rebecca Perl, has drawn on her personal experiences there to help create an album that incorporates the warmth and energy of this truly singular metropolis. Her lush, inviting vocals and brilliant lyrics have helped thousands share her love and affection for New York. For longtime fans, this new album will be a confirmation of Rebecca Perl’s innate musical genius; for newcomers, her music will be a revelation as she makes her move down to Austin, Texas for a scene and a life she has yet to experience.

The music production experience involves many components and is also what differentiates this album from the rest. Rebecca will be producing half her album in New York and the other in Nashville where the music/production will be noticeably unalike. She wants to share all of these experiences with her fans including her studio recording, songwriting, humorous outtakes and other unseen aspects of her life. As Rebecca says, it’s not only the most fun part but it’s the most creative part of the process that most don’t ever get to see. This intimate look at the musician and songwriter will help fans understand the soul that inspires such unforgettable songs.

Producing an album is a costly and involving process, and Rebecca would like to ask her fans to help support her in this project. To help raise the funds needed to rent studio time, master the tracks and distribute the CD, she has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Pledgemusic. In addition to the satisfaction of helping a promising young musician share her wonderful music with the world, all pledgers will receive a digital download of her first single, “Point of No Return.” Supporters also may receive valuable rewards like signed CDs, posters, access passes, signed guitars, and personal online concert. To learn more about Rebecca Perl or to make a financial contribution, please visit http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/rebeccaperl.

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Company Name: Rebecca Perl: Perl Jams
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Country: United States
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