Rukket Sports Introduces the revolutionary El Diablo Soccer Goal

\”We have changed the way people practice golf permanently with our instant set up and ball returning golf nets, we now plan to do the same with soccer. Soccer is the largest youth sport in the US, and for too long players have had to rely on portable goals that are too expensive, too big, poor quality and just plain ugly.\” Ryan Dickerson, Partner Rukket Sports

Rukket Sports has just released its newest soccer goal, the El Diablo. Rukket is new to the soccer industry. The company started out producing instant set up golf nets that return the golf ball. Following the success and experience of these large nets Rukket has leveraged its design experience to create the fastest, lightest, sweetest soccer net ever. The net is the first of its kind in the US and does not follow the traditional pattern of cheap and ugly that have for so long dominated the s

Rukket Sports Keeps Changing the Game

Check any news release for Rukket and you will see they are big in the golf world.  Their Rukk Net is consistently listed as a must have golf accessory and the best golf net in the industry.  Looking to capitalize on the expertise that goes into making a world class golf net the company has applied the same principles to Soccer, creating an amazingly lightweight and compact soccer goal that fits into a sleek backpack and pops open into a goal that can be used on turf, grass, or hard flooring.  The nets unique design catches the ball no matter how hard it is kicked and gently rolls it out of the net.  No more digging around for the ball.  

The secret to the El Diablo is the formulation of its bonded frame.  “We had to go through over 30 formulations before we found the right one that was strong yet wouldn’t snap” said Ryan Dickerson, the chief designer of new products for Rukket.  “We applied the same principles that made us successful in golf: double stitching, high density materials, and then we actually use it to make sure its fun. We are really proud of this net and how it came out”  

A Rukket sport has a reputation for quality and innovation.  Their customer reviews online show a company dedicated to quality and customer service.  “We just want everyone that comes into contact with us to have a good experience.  If you are using our nets, you should be having a great time.  We stand behind all our products, that’s what really separates us from everyone else out there.”  Says Ryan.

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