Rumbling Waters Enterprises Launches Survival & First Aid Web Portal

New Site set to dominate the Survival & First Aid Supplies Market. The site will feature everything needed for great Outdoor adventures as well as in-home preparedness.

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, November 27, 2013, The folks at Rumbling Waters Enterprises were not happy with what they viewed online as websites catering to outdoor survival and in-home preparedness. They decided to make a move, and was born. This new site is to become the dominant Web Portal for everything having to do with Survival, First Aid and in-home preparedness. Since its launch, the site has been receiving an increase in traffic on a daily basis. is prepared to go to battle to become the victor in the online Survival Gear Genre, the place to go to find the best equipment and information. Management states that new products will be added to the site on a continuous basis. The site was designed to be very user friendly, and is broken down into categories, such as: Survival & Disaster Kits, Survival Accessories, First Aid, Outdoor Electronics, and Outdoor Gear.

One thing is certain, a Radio with a hand-crank is something that everybody should own. With the amount of natural disasters that have occurred recently, there should be no doubt how important these types of products are to everybody. Sometimes it is a matter of true survival to have access to all of the things packed inside of a Rumbling Waters Survival Back Pack. Each of these survival kits was designed using advice from emergency preparedness experts, and follow guidelines made available by government agencies. packs all essential items into their survival backpacks. Necessary for survival, these items are included: Food and Water, Water Purification Tablets, Light & Communications, Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight, AM/FM Radio, Shelter and Warmth, Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag, Emergency Poncho with Hood, Tools, 16 Function Knife, N95 Respirator Dust Mask, NIOSH Approved Goggles, Sewing Kit, Hygiene and Sanitation items, and a complete first aid kit. Some kits include a 2-person Tube Tent, 16-hour body warmer and 50 feet of nylon rope.   

The company reports that they have a great selection of GPS units, featuring Garmin, and Bushnell products. Walkie-Talkies, Radio Flashlights, Emergency Lanterns and Hand-Crank Emergency Radios are only the beginning of what is available at this Emergency Survival and Outdoor Gear Portal.

For complete information, please visit:……The Survival Specialists

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