Rutherford TAS Emerges as the Top Professional Answering Service, New Jersey

A professional answering service that caters exclusively to the medical profession helps you deliver enhanced service to your patients with their vast and rich industry experience.

Rutherford, NJ. 13 Feb 2013. A growing medical practice can expect their office to be bombarded with calls from patients not only during office hours but during afterhours and holidays as well. A doctor who is using a professional answering service will be able to tell you the various advantages of using an answering service designed exclusively for the medical profession.

Rutherford Answering Service is one such service which accepts clients from the medical field only. They process thousands of medical calls every day and claim to be the best in terms of experience and expertise in delivering medical answering services of the highest quality. There are reasons why Rutherford Answering Service is the first choice of doctors looking for an efficient and friendly answering service.

Rutherford TAS has the best call agents in business. The company makes sure their call agents deliver top performance consistently by awarding the best performers with incentives and exciting performance program rewards every month. They make sure that they figure highly among various doctors’ answering services by scheduling rigorous and regular coaching and training programs for their staff to make sure they remain updated with the latest technology and medical terms.

Many medical practices detest the tough and often laborious process of switching services because of the many hassles involved. At Rutherford Answering Service, they fully understand the concerns of doctors and medical professionals and have taken steps to ensure that the transition is easy, smooth and hassle free. Their dedicated accounts managers guide the doctors through every step of the process and ensure that the switch is made seamlessly without affecting their practice in any way.

Apart from the convenience of having calls of your patients attended by a real, professional and trained voice, the service also gives doctors a breather in their own professional and personal life. They are spared the trouble of having to attend routine, unimportant calls themselves while they are away with their families on weekends, or on a holiday or vacation. There are systems in place to alert them should a patient need urgent attention during a medical emergency. They can deliver better medical care to their patients and improve the overall quality of their services significantly.

One of the biggest advantages of using the professional answering service from Rutherford TAS is that they are a HIPAA compliant service. You can trust them with the confidential information of your patients. As is well known in the industry, not all medical answering services are HIPAA compliant and most of them do not medically train their call agents. It is the obligation of the medical practice to work with an answering service that maintains HIPAA compliance.

When doctors choose Rutherford Answering Service, they can be sure they are doing business with a provider that performs regular audits or their processes and train their employees to be current with the latest HIPAA regulations.

Rutherford TAS is a US based company which employs local talent. They have multiple call centers throughout the United States and are headquartered in Rutherford, New Jersey. Call agents get to work in a casual, relaxed and professional work atmosphere.

The professional answering service is offering a 30 day free trial to the medical profession. You can try their answering service for 30 days with no obligation to continue. If not satisfied, they help in reverting back to the old service at zero cost. They also do not bind companies in long term contracts. Subscribers are free to cancel the service any time and without any penalty or termination fee.

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