Salon Advantage Releases Facebook Marketing Infographic Targeted to Salon Owners

Fast Facebook for Salons. 5 Top Tips.
Fast Facebook for salons. 5 top tips. (infographic)

A new infographic brought to you by Salon Advantage explains why engagement in Facebook is necessary for hair salon owners, or any small business owner for that matter. Facebook provides a free, visible place to actively engage with your clients. For a small business owner to be actively engaged in a social setting and to be accepted as part of the group (just one of the guys/gals) is a huge competitive advantage. Most consumers would rather shop with someone they know and trust (a friend) than a stranger.

The infographic contains five steps to make your social content great and it is much more than “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” Many salons run their promotions through their personal profile. However, doing so is against Facebook rules and you are missing out on many of the advantages of running a Business Page such as offers and polls; Custom tabs (sub pages), including online booking and the ability to post promotions. You can create your Business Page right through your personal profile page. After it is set up just ask your friends to follow you there.

The infographic provides a five step visual guide to creating great posts but there are a few things to consider before you set out to get your next big idea (for a post). Engagement on Facebook is just the act of chatting to your friends. However, as a business owner it is more important when they chat with you. This raises your salon’s profile and highlights your brand but more importantly, their friends and your future clients, listen in. Therefore, if you are friendly and attentive, potential clients assume your salon will be the same.

The Facebook environment is not the place for the hard sell. You have to blend seamlessly into the conversations and avoid spamming the chat platform. Provide value in subtle ways. It should not take you hours to create the content, short or themed messages work the best. Only low fi (unprofessional) pictures should be included in your posts. Highly commercial images stand out like a sore thumb and scream “spam.” Mobile phone snaps and pictures of your in store staff work well. Fun or funny posts also work well but be sure they are relevant to your business.

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