Show Adopts Thrilling Cinematic Approach To Enhance Viewer Experience

New Concept That Will Put Everyone On The Edge of Their Seats

Burbank, CA – Feb 12, 2015 – Producer Patric McInnis and Director Eli Barker are teaming together to add another dimension to the suspense horror genres. The new show is called “Records of the Haunted.” This suspenseful drama follows a team of paranormal investigators as they explore the most haunted locations in the world. It is currently under development and they team has already raised more than a third of the budget to produce the first season. Now they have turned to crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to get support from lovers of suspense and investigative dramas to help them raise the rest. Upon reaching the budget goals, the first season is set to release in Fall 2015.

In pop culture media, there are so many reality TV shows surrounding ghost investigations. There is just something so intriguing and spooky about the paranormal. However, these shows lack something. It lacks a narrative and cinematic approach that adds to each encounter with the unknown. This is why McInnis and Barker have teamed with other industry professionals to bring a show that reaches a new level of engagement with audiences so they feel as if they are truly part of the investigation. 

Each week, viewers will witness a team of four as they dig deeper into the mysterious hauntings at different locations. The show will feature an experienced paranormal investigator, Ethan Ramirez, and real-life psychic, Regan Morrison. It will also include a world-renown historian/demonologist, Gabriel Foster, and gadget-savvy equipment technician, Andre Webb, also joins them.

The episodes will have an unique cinematic approach that has not been done before in the realm of ghost and demonic spirit investigations. Every ghost attack or encounter will be documented in a “fly on the wall” style so audiences can feel as if they are part of the investigation. This adds a new perspective and dimension to the show many will appreciate. “Records of the Haunted” narrative and episodic storytelling will bring a new level of suspense and thrill that cannot be found in any other series.


The campaign goal is to reach $20,000 by April 9th, 2015. Funds will go towards the cost of producing the all ten episodes, along with equipment cost, production expenses, and other miscellaneous fees. A breakdown of where the allocation of funds can be found on their campaign page. This is an all-or-nothing deal. So if they do not reach the goal then it could be years before the show can be produced. Do not wait and make a contribution today by clicking here.

Supporters of the “Records of the Haunted” will receive special perks that can only be found on their IndieGoGo page. Perks range from downloads of the episode to once in a lifetime set visits and special VIP tickets to screenings.

Be part of the foundation of this new concept. They are confident the show will continue on to the next season on network TV or online publication. Help make this project a reality and bring a this creative and intense drama for viewers to enjoy.

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For a brief preview of the first season and to hear McInnis and Barker talk about the “Records of the Haunting”, watch this YouTube video. 


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