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Everyone should wake up feeling glamorous!
Beauty-Sleep Redefined with Morning Glamour! Anti-aging satin pillowcases dedicated to reducing sleep wrinkles and hair frizz and is a dream to sleep on!

Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases-get your beauty sleep and wake up looking & feeling glamorous! Morning Glamour is a perfect impulse purchase for women of all ages as they browse the beauty aisles or in the checkout lanes.  Morning Glamour satin pillowcases have a unique and catchy packaging that is sure to make the customer look twice, are affordable, made in the USA  and come in many fun colors and patterns.

Falling asleep on a Morning Glamour satin pillowcase will make you realize the true meaning of beauty rest. Countless studies have shown that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can reduce wrinkles and help eliminate hair loss and breakage. These standard and king size pillowcases are made with friction free 100%polyester satin charmeuse, are Machine washable, and have a unique stay put pocket flap to keep the pillow in place while you sleep.  

After one night of sleeping on satin, the results will greet you in the morning when you look in the mirror! Wild morning hair and sleep wrinkles beware! Women are waking up around the country to the beauty benefits of satin pillowcases thanks to Morning Glamour. An added plus, Morning Glamour pillow cases are an absolute dream to sleep on providing the comfort, luxury and pampering you deserve.


• gentle on hair, scalp and skin

• helps reduce hair frizz

• helps reduce sleep-wrinkles

• helps maintain healthy moisture balance of hair and skin

• pillowcases to fit both Standard and King size pillows

• choose from a vibrant selection of solids and prints

• Made in the USA

• Silky smooth satin pillowcase with a stay-put pocket flap (keeping the pillowcase in place while you sleep)

Featured on: “the Real Show”, “Rachel Ray”, “Hype” Hair Magazine, “American Spa Magazine”, Gloss 48 & Awarded “2014 Beauty Buster Award” for Best Beauty Accessory.

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