SIM Cards To Become Nationwide Soon

Concerns over security not as intensive as general excitement for swipe capability

The mobile ISIS payment system was announced as ready to go nationwide in this year. It is only a matter of time before the company’s stores begins to ramp up for the payment system.

Google wallet competitor, T-Mobile, will look for ways to keep in line with their competition. Stores in areas like Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas had already been receiving the SIM cards within the last year. Still, the series of delays for the ISIS appeared to be on track for the launching within the year. There are at least some SIM cards that arrived pre-packaged with the Galaxy S4, which has already been assured to be ISIS ready at its launch.

ISIS is prepared at setup to work with Capital One, American Express, and Chase Freedom credit cards. ISIS Mobile Wallet is looking to create a simple way of storing the existing wallet, and includes credit cards for the mobile device-payment usage.

Meanwhile, NFC technology enabled devices will allow swiping of devices across at the register in order to make quick payments that would have otherwise been done with a credit card. ISIS organizes the credit cards, allowing for loyalty and “convenient app.” But currently, ISIS is still available solely through Android with the iOS likely coming down the pike.

Many have expressed interest, as well as concern, in the new mobile payments systems. The obvious concern is in the security of the application to be pulled and taken by tech-savvy hackers. Time will tell if the companies have learned how to successfully create NFC-based mobile systems that can remain secure. It is likely that the success or failure depends solely upon how much the carrier support is able to successfully execute behind ISIS.


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