South Coast Finger Printing Shares Facts on Fingerprint Clearance and Clearing Criminal Records

South Coast Fingerprinting shares valuable information regarding fingerprint clearance, police clearance certificates and criminal record expungements. The company listed important details for people seeking personal records using fingerprint information.

Pulling records through the use of fingerprint information is a quick and effective process in many countries. Fingerprint clearances are very helpful in cutting long waiting times in police precincts and court offices. But the process has its own limits. As much as it has advantages, fingerprint clearances also have limitations. South Coast Fingerprinting, a KZN based company, listed essential information regarding standard fingerprint clearance processes.

After SAPS outsourced fingerprint clearances in 2006, South Coast Fingerprinting is able to issue anyone needing a South African Electronic Fingerprint Clearance within 48 hours. IDECO AFISwitch signed a 15 year contract with SAPS for the service. IDECO AFISwitch communicates with SAPS AFIS to check the criminal status of an individual within 48 hours. The system provides electronic fingerprint criminal record status checks using live scan or FBI approved flatbed scanner fingerprint data. Fingerprint clearances are essential to check a person’s criminal background especially during job applications.

There are also cases where the 48 hour fingerprint clearance is not accepted by a company or an institution. The person has to apply for a South African Police Clearance Certificate which approximately takes 3 to 4 weeks to acquire. A person filing for a South African Police Clearance Certificate would need one set of fingerprints to be taken at their nearest police station, a receipt of the payment for the process stapled to the fingerprint page and a copy of an ID or a passport. Once these documents are obtained, an agent from the South Coast Fingerprinting can collect it or it can be mailed directly to their office.

The website also discussed important information about the clearing of criminal records. A person’s criminal record can be expunged if he or she meets certain requirement such as the conviction being older than 10 years, the conviction not being fora sexually related offence, the person did not serve any time in prison for the offence and the fine did not exceedR20, 000.

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South Coast Fingerprinting is a KZN based company that provides fingerprint clearances, SAP Police Clearance Certificates, clearing of criminal records, apostilling/legalisation of documents and ITC checks. The company is located at PO Box 641, Umtentweni, 4235, South Africa.

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