Speedpro Imaging, Boston North Awarded GSA MAS Contract With The Help Of GSA Program Experts

Speedpro Imaging, Boston North has learned that they have been awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract from the federal government.

Being on the GSA Schedule will allow federal purchasers to streamline the procurement process and make purchases more quickly. The award comes after Speedpro sought the assistance of GSA Program Experts, a firm that specializes in streamlining the GSA application process.

February 10, 2015 – Speedpro Imaging, Boston North recently learned that they were awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract with the federal government. The award will make it easier for federal procurement officers to purchase from the company and receive services faster and with less red tape. Speedpro received the award with the help of GSA Program Experts, a firm that specializes in streamlining the GSA MAS application process and is an expert in helping companies navigate what can be a long and complex process.

According to Speedpro owner Ollie Parker, “Speedpro Boston North is committed to providing the highest quality graphics on the market with lightning fast turnaround and competitive pricing. The GSA Schedule contract allows us to bring this fast and efficient service to our federal clients.”

Speedpro Boston North specializes in large format graphic imaging and had invested in the most advanced printers to offer extreme-resolution graphics to clients. The company has been recognized for their flexibility and fast turnaround time on projects, whether they be small scale or large. For companies that position themselves on speed of service, dealing with the federal government and its long and complex processes can be problematic. The GSA MSA will allow Speedpro to offer federal clients the same speed of service they give all of their private sector clients.

According to Parker, the company will leverage the contract to offer federal clients all types of large graphics services, including posters, banners, trade show displays, outdoor signage and vehicle wraps.

For more information, contact Ollie Parker at 781.587.0329 or 508.494.9757. Ollie is also available via email at Oparker@SpeedPro.com. More information about the company can be found on their website at www.SpeedProBostonNorth.com

About Speedpro Boston North

Speedpro Boston North is part of a world-class national network of premium, large format imaging centers. The company focuses on discerning customer who demand top-notch service and quality. All of their imaging products are created using the very finest materials, substrates and inks available. They specialize in “photo-realistic” imagery at up to 1440 dpi with stunning clarity and amazing image depth.

About GSA Program Experts

GSA Program Experts is an industry leader in document preparation services to facilitate MAS contract awards. With over 1,650 schedules awarded to date, GSA Program Experts leverages its experience and in-house staff of specialists to deliver complete GSA services & solutions to businesses nationally.

Visit: http://www.gsaprogramexperts.com/ or contact Tim Baldwin at tim@gsaprogramexperts.com for more information.

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Company Name: Ollie Parker/Tim Baldwin
Contact Person: Speedpro Boston North
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Phone: 508.494.9757 / 781.587.0329
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