Standardized Weatherization for Homes Could Save US Billions

Over half of all homes under insulated, according to experts

While the nation still may be within a slow economic recovery, the need for winter warmth is now a reality. Many families are looking for more and more ways to stay warm while remaining within their budgets. Some are looking to investments like weatherizing their homes in order to create a more energy-efficient dwelling.

Now, a new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is claiming that creating a uniform standard for homes could help save $33 billion in nationwide energy savings annually.

“Currently people who weatherize can get their homes about 20 to 30 percent tighter. But they’re not sealing all the cracks,” Berkeley Lab scientist Jennifer Logue, the study’s lead author, said in a press statement.“There’s still quite a bit left on the table, and those extra leaks and cracks could potentially save a lot of energy.”

The new research was handled by the IBISWOrld company that forecasts roofing, siding, and insulation wholesaling will benefit from the ongoing economic recovery. With new housing set to increase across the country and more consumers having more disposable income as compared to the previous half decade, there is now more opportunity to nip wasteful costs in the bud. By utilizing stronger standards for weatherization, families can save across the country in a solid investment.

CEO of Mark Group, Jerry Bartos, heads that energy efficiency analysis. He stated that the U.S. Has nearly 120 properties, and between 60 to 80 million are uninsulated or under insulated at this current time.

“And if buildings, including homes, use over 40 percent of the energy consumed in the United States,”he notes, “a small increase in the efficiency of a property has an impact – and across a large building stock you’ve got dramatic improvement to the efficiency, which has all sorts of societal benefits.”


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