Startup Bros Defines a Wantrepreneur with a Recently Posted Infographic in their Website

Startup Bros discusses the signs of being a wantrepreneur with their latest inforgraphic release. The infographic posted in listed the definition and signs of being a wantrepreneur.

The term wantrepreneur refers to people having aspirations similar to that of an entrepreneur but lacks the action and will to do so. Recently, Startup Bros posted an infographic about wantrepreneurs in their website

The infographic defines wantrepreneur as an individual that desires to be, but is not quite yet, an entrepreneur. It is also someone who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets it started. The infographic also differentiates an entrepreneur from a wantrepreneur. An entrepreneur loves being busy, loves result based strategies and sees failure as an opportunity. A wantrepreneur on the other hand loves feeling busy, loves couch potato strategies and sees failure with a capital F. Included in the content is a list of signs that a person is a wantrepreneur such as staying busy but not productive, hiding behind fears and not having enough time for the venture. It also offers helpful tips on how to stop being a wantrepreneur. A person should not be afraid of talking to customers, stop pitching ideas but instead work on it and be brave enough to experiment and try new business ideas.

An interesting section of the infographic talks about the six top reasons why it is fun to be a wantrepreneur. A wantrepreneur gets to drink tons of coffee. They also can also increase their social and business networks. They are not pressured with time. They can develop their low impact business skills. Live their business dreams without a risk. And lastly, they get to keep their miserable jobs. The sarcastic but funny list aims to hit the worst points of being a wantrepreneur.

Startup Bros wishes to help people understand the implications of being a wantrepreneur with their infographic. The biggest risk in entrepreneurship is the moment when an entrepreneur takes the leap to start his planned venture. Many people fear this moment and end up being a wantrepreneur their whole life.

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