Startup Bros Released an Infographic Detailing the Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur released a new infographic depicting the average statistics of a successful entrepreneur. The infographic also includes helpful tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

The world of entrepreneurs is a world of risks and hardships. Many have failed and given up hope of having their own thriving business. That is why stories of successful entrepreneurs are very inspiring and impressive. Entrepreneurs who have achieved global recognition for their success are looked up by many aspiring ones. Different methods and techniques are developed on how to make a successful business venture. But the best way is learning directly from the pros. Most successful entrepreneurs follow similar set of rules in doing business. They also share similarities in their personalities and views about business. Startup Bros is delighted to announce that they have come up with an infographic compiling features, statistics and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs. The inforgraphic illustrates key information of successful entrepreneurs including average profile, educational background and common views.

The first part discusses average profile statistics of successful entrepreneurs. The average age of company founders when they started their current companies is 40. Almost 75% of them belonged to the top 30% of their class during high school. They also tend to be the 2nd child in the family. The section concluded that successful entrepreneurs tend to be middle aged and well educated in high school than in college. The second section talks about the views and beliefs of a successful entrepreneur. Among the motivations that were listed, the number one reason that most people chose to become an entrepreneur is because working for others do not appeal to them. These people also believe that the important factors to be successful in a business are learning from previous successes, prior work experience, learning from previous failures, an effective management team and good fortune. Others mentioned that having a strong social network also helps in improving the business. The infographic also includes some success tips from famous entrepreneurs.

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