Students Prepping for LSAT Must Decide on October or December Exam

Pros and cons to each exam date

It is less than a month away for the LSATs for many prospective law students, and it is time for them to decide when it is they will take the exam so that they can prepare a structured study plan in order to have their best bet to succeed.

Law admissions experts will often tell students that it is best to take the LSAT in October rather than at the end of the year. While there is no hardline for that preference, there are some particular reasons.

Taking the October LSAT gives students time to focus on studying for other classes, as well as gives them time to writing essays and coordinating recommenders. By taking the October exam, the students are more likely to get applications in at proper times and receive scores soon enough to make plans more effectively.

That said, aiming for December LSAT test dates is beneficial for those who need more prep time. For many students, jobs and personal life can make it difficult to find the proper time to study for the LSAT. And so a later LSAT date can make the difference between a good and great score.

Applying earlier does allow for a slight advantage, however an application with the LSAT score. But it is not simply about gaining such a slight advantage when considering October or December exams.

When deciding to take the October exam, it is best to work on smoothing out any weaknesses one has. There are many items a student probably feels comfortable with. While it is always good to honestly work over the items you know well, those areas that need to be smoothed out must be done ASAP. That way, with the weaknesses turned to strengths, a surprise difficulty here or there is not the end of the world.

Keeping December as a backup is a good idea as well. Sometimes a student will think they are prepared for October, only to find that he/she is not really ready when the date rolls around. That is why December could be very useful.


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