SumatoKado: a new card game that uses smartphone technology

Sumatokado – A revolutionary card game.
The cards can be customized to play existing games as well as new games created by the users.

If you think card games have no place in this fast-paced digital age, think again.

Ben Michaeli, a video game designer from Los Angeles, has been able to blend old and new into a cutting-edge card game called SumatoKado. All you need is a deck of “smart cards” and a smartphone or other compatible device.

In SumatoKado, the smart cards all look the same – but can be programmed to be very different.  

“The secret is the unique number which is recognized by our mobile app on every single card, so virtually they are totally different,” explains Michaeli. “How different? It’s up to you. Sumatokado enables you to create your own card games or use our built-in games.

“You can play an endless number of games with as many cards as you want. You can also add in as many players as you want.”

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Every card is scannable via NFC or QR code and the mobile app for Sumatokado is available in the App Store or on Google Play. After the players install the app and get some cards, they’re ready to go. The cards can be customized to include any type of photo, image or text.

“It’s a game that can really drive your imagination and unveil creativity you didn’t even know you had,” says Michaeli. “It’s nice and compact, too. All you need is the cards and a smartphone. If you use one of our games, the directions can be accessed on your phone.”

Michaeli and the three other members of the Sumatokado team needed $10,000 to pay for design work, testing and software. There was considerable interest in this project and they were able to raise the necessary funding through a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Although they have exceeded their goal, those who would like to back the project can still contribute and receive some before-market perks. For example, a contribution of $20 is good for the World Leaders Deck, which includes 10 SumatoKado Smart Cards, five of which are pre-coded with a game.

For $35, backers will receive 20 SumatoKado smart cards, five of which are pre-coded with the World Leaders game. The Collectibles Deck is available for a $300 donation. It includes 150 SumatoKado Smart Cards in a premium box with the five pre-coded versions. In addition, backers can submit their own ideas and photos for a custom-made game.

“We want to thank everyone who has helped make this project a reality,” says Michaeli. “And there’s still time for people to get some great deals on SumatoKado before it officially hits the market.”

For additional information, visit; the SumatoKado website,; or the SumatoKado Facebook page,

Michaeli can be reached directly at

Sumatokado - A revolutionary card game.
Sumatokado – A revolutionary card game.

Sumatokado - A revolutionary card game.
Sumatokado – A revolutionary card game.

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