Survey Funnel Specialist, Ryan Levesque, Reveals the Psychology Behind His Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies

Ryan Levesque, a prominent funnel marketing specialist, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, where he discussed the psychological strategies he uses in his very successful funnel strategies.

A former neuroscience instructor at Brown University, Levesque states, “I thought I was going to go into academia, and the reason why is I have a huge fascination with the human brain and how we respond to different things, human psychology. And so I was going down the path of teaching, until I became really interested in more practical applications of psychology, and most specifically, consumer psychology.”

Levesque specializes in creating extreme curiosity in prospects, which results in their opting in to take an online survey – a strategy that historically has little appeal to consumers.

Using psychological insights, Levesque deftly guides people through a series of steps which ultimately lead to a high percentage of purchases of services or goods. He shares the steps involved in this process. The use of surveys and strategic questions helps to create specific, targeted marketing messages which can be sent to prospects, based on the information they share and their specific expressed needs and wants.

According to Levesque, “The net effect here is instead of having to guess what it is that you should be selling to people, by asking people about who they are and what they struggle with, you can put them in touch and match them up with the best fit offer, the best fit service, the best fit plan, the best fit product that you sell, rather than just trying to sell the same thing to everybody.”

This strategy is equally effective for business owners who have one product or many products. Levesque uses the analogy of a doctor and the use of probing questions to both eliminate possible problems and narrow down issues to eventually make a more accurate diagnosis. A business owner, with the use of the answers to the survey queries, can present appropriate options to potential clients.

In this interview, he shares, in great detail, the step-by-step process he uses to lead someone from thinking about buying to actually becoming a paying customer.

As a master of consumer psychology, with a genius for combining that knowledge with current technological marketing strategies, Ryan Levesque has been able to effectively turn leads into customers for countless businesses in seventeen markets.

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