Teacher Uses Mixed Media Art Journaling to Improve the Lives of Others

Mixed media art journaling is a beautiful art form that combines paint, sketches, stamps, collage, traditional journaling, natural elements and photography. This latest form of artistic expression breaks down the traditional barriers between classical art forms, allowing individuals who feel they are not creative or artistic to fully express themselves without constraint.

LisaDiana Delaney is an artist and author as well as an inner city reading remediation teacher, who dreams of using mixed media art journaling to mentor women grappling with the challenges of  living unfulfilled lives. Recently, she has designed a new course entitled “Getting Back to the Real You: An Adventure in Art Journaling.” This course is very close to Ms. Delaney’s heart as she was once one who struggled with an unfulfilling life.

After many years of teaching elementary — high school students, LisaDiana Delaney was admitted to a local hospital for a weeklong stay due to complete exhaustion. It was there that Ms. Delaney realized she was deeply unhappy and dissatisfied with her life. Although her professional and personal lives bore all the hallmarks of success — including two Masters degrees, six teaching licenses, a long career and a loving family, Ms. Delaney experienced a profound lack of fulfillment that drove her to work harder and harder to find happiness. After deep contemplation, a hospital stay and a period of self-discovery, LisaDiana Delaney came to realize there was more to life than working long hours every day and then collapsing on the couch. After trying different avenues to find fulfillment, Ms. Delaney realized that at the core of every human being is a creative soul that needs to express itself. After finding the mixed media art journaling creative process, LisaDiana Delaney was able to finally do just that. 

After experiencing the wondrous joy of artistic and creative expression, LisaDiana Delaney is on a mission to help share her experience with others who are suffering as she once did.  She has developed a series of e-courses creative circle retreats and private art therapy sessions that teach women how to reconnect with their authentic creative souls and express themselves through art journaling. It is through this creative process that the participants are able to find their unique path to living joyful and fulfilling lives. LisaDiana Delaney found her authentic creative self and expression through mixed media art journaling and would like to share her secrets with the world.

To help make her project a reality, LisaDiana Delaney has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for your generous support, Ms. Delaney offers a number of valuable original gifts like crystal infused candles, blessed pet tags, computer wallpapers, personalized poetry, original art work, Reiki sessions, and a four week art journaling e-course. To learn more about “Getting Back to the Real You: An Adventure in Art Journaling” or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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