The Car Collector Holy Grail Found

Over 500 classic automobiles that have never been owned will be auctioned off in tiny Nebraska town

Later this month, in Pierce, Nebraska, Lambrecht Chevrolet Company will be auctioning off more than 500 classic cars. Most of the vehicles have essentially no miles on them although they are covered in years of dirt. One of the oldest cars is a 50-year-old 1964 impala, auctioneer Yvette VanDerBrink said, “If you wipe away the dirt, it’s shiny underneath.” It is brand new, he added. In 1964, the Impala sold for about $3,000 but could be worth 40 times that now.

Jim Pickering, editor of American Car Collector, says, “I would not be surprised to see them break six figures.” With fewer than 10 miles on the odometers, cars in this condition are unheard of and the Holy Grail for collectors. Some of them have the original price sticker on the window, with the manufacturer’s plastic dust covers still on the seats. “These are cars that were basically taken from the dealer and shoved out back and have been sitting ever since they were brand new. That just flat out doesn’t happen,” Pickering said. “This is kind of urban legend material.”

Ninety-five year old Ray Lambrecht is the man behind this legend. As the owner of the dealership, he would never sell a year’s previous model once the new model came out. Lambrecht has finally decided to sell off his collecting after closing the dealership in 1996. Over 10,000 car enthusiasts and collectors are expected to attend the auction in the tiny little town of Pierce, which has a population of about 1,700.


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