The Leadbook Marketing System Announces Free Event

“Follow Up ‘Til They Buy…”- Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals

The Leadbook Marketing System is a fast and easy way to generate viral leads.  On July 24th, the company will offer a free special event, “Follow Up ‘Til They Buy…” for real estate professionals, both in person in Laurel, Maryland, and via Livestream for those outside the area.

No matter what your business, it’s next to impossible to make consistent sales without quality leads.  Real estate in particular relies on word of mouth referrals and traditional advertising to attract new clients. Now there is a way to generate viral leads quickly and easily, for less than $5 per week.  The Leadbook Marketing System has a proven solution.  Renee Henderson says, “People really seem to love this. I’ve seen 40% growth to my mailing list already!”

The money is in the list! A Leadbook is a digital product created by a best-selling author and award-winning graphic art team that is designed to be shared across social media platforms with an end goal of building your mailing list.  That marketing adage, “The money is in the list,” is more true than ever today and no system builds an engaged list faster than the #Leadbook method. The Leadbook Marketing System helps you to reach more people, qualify more leads and generate more revenue- all factors in your ultimate success.

The “Follow Up ‘Til They Buy…” free event will reveal the Five Secrets to a Consistent Lead Stream and introduce a turnkey lead generation system to real estate professionals. The event will be followed by a networking opportunity for those attending in person as well as virtually. The event is scheduled for July 24th at 7:00pm. Free for both in person attendance and via Livestream nationwide. To register, please go to

“In today’s relational environment, you need to offer real value upfront; give people a reason to know your business,” commented Mia Zachary, a company spokesperson. “Once you learn to stop trying to sell right away, and instead find a way to stay in the conversation with prospective clients, real magic can happen.  We’ll be breaking these ideas down at the July 24th presentation. We’re expecting a great turnout for this free event.  It could be an absolute game changer, especially for real estate professionals.”

The response from users of the Leadbook Marketing System has been enthusiastic. Marc Proctor recently said, “I was approaching the sales end of my business all wrong. I couldn’t understand why no one was responding to my offers, even though I was following steps from marketing books and other training systems. Luckily, I found the Leadbook Marketing System and it has been like night and day.  My client list grew, my sales are up.  Fully recommended.”

For more information, contact Mia Zachary at 702-763-2738.

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