United States Tourism’s Importance Explained in Infographic By Hotels Tip

Top Foreign Travelers to USA
Top Foreign Travelers to USA

With over 66 million individuals traveling from across the globe to land in the United States, the tourism services of are as strong as ever. That is why Hotels Tip has created an infographic to put hard numbers to the large effect tourism has on the United States.

With just under 30 million coming in from overseas each year, the amount of money pumped into the United States through tourism is continuous and substantial. And that substantial amount of money is, in part, calculated through the 1.1 million jobs that are propped up thanks to the sector. The total of wages created through such work accumulates to $27.7 billion.

Of course, Canada and Mexico are two of the largest supporters of the industry. The neighbors to the north have nearly 22.7 million per year crossing over for visits. The southern border of the country sees 14.5 million cross each year. Meanwhile, The United Kingdom and Japan have nearly three million visiting each per year. Germans and Brazilians round out the top six with 1.8 and 1.7 million visitors respectively.

The top 10 nations constituted a payment to an industry among the highest in the United States. According to records, one out of every eight jobs depend upon travel and tourism in some form or another. Meanwhile 2.8% of the United States’ GDP can be directly or indirectly connected to travel and tourism.

In fact, the tally of total revenue created means that the United States it he top tourism earner in the world. The country brings in nearly $85.6 billion annually. The next closest country is Spain, with its $51.1 million total. Countries like China, that are just beginning to grow in tourism, still are nearly only a third of the total tourism total the United States generates.

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