Virtual Roadshows, A New Universal Partnering Platform, Enables Free Flow of Money to Enterprises

Ayaris 9, an international corporate finance advisory firm, has developed an innovative new platform, designed to enable both startups and established companies to obtain easier access to strategic partnerships and financing.  This new platform, designated Virtual Roadshows (VRS), breaks down the cultural, linguistic, and technological barriers that often exist between businesses. 

The VRS platform facilitates the creation of relationships among seven types of agents in the financial world: Investors, Banks, Distributors, Suppliers, Joint Venture Partners, Mergers & Acquisitions Buyers, and Mergers & Acquisitions Sellers. VRS not only introduces these parties to one another, leading to the formation of enduring and rewarding relationships, but also helps businesses of all sizes to find valuable financial resources. As a truly universal partnering platform, VRS enables promising companies of any size or nationality to tap into financing options normally available only to larger companies, or those established in high-capitalization markets.

Ayaris 9 was founded in 2009 by David S. Pan, an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the telecom, electronics, software and media industries. He has partnered with some of the business world’s most accomplished leaders, along with recent graduates from Harvard, Stanford and Berkeley, to forge a dynamic new company that is poised to reshape the business landscape through their exciting new product.

Virtual Roadshows is already operational as a beta system, but there is still much that must be done in order to make it the truly spectacular application that it can and should be. To this end, Ayaris 9 has initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $200,000 it needs to make VRS fully ready for launch. These funds will also be used to sponsor major networking events next year in San Francisco, Taiwan, Singapore and New York.  In return for your generous financial pledge, you will receive an invitation to these valuable networking sessions for entrepreneurs and global investors, along with other perks such as a “Thank you” in the Global Product Launch Video. To learn more about Virtual Roadshows, or to make a financial pledge, please visit:

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