Vito & Flora Innovative Solution Puts an End to the Chemical Additives Era

By Creating an Efficient and Sustainable Way to Grow Plants

Rijeka, Croatia – April 14, 2015Vito & Flora is the first and only plant energizers in the market that is free of harmful chemicals. It is a natural solution with highly efficient Biocrystal technology based on well-known performances of 16 powerful crystals. They have finished research and are now ready to begin production to distribute Vito & Flora around the world. In order to make this happen, they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $30,000 by May 10th, 2015.

Currently, the world is using extremely harmful solutions that are ruining the planet everyone lives on. The demand for an eco-friendly, yet efficient, answer to growing plants is called for and Vito & Flora has answered that. By using the best properties of crystals, it has been proven that these natural resources can be used to improve plant conditions for germination, growth, and flowering plants. This Biocrystal mixture has an intense effect on the molecular structure and transforms the plants to help them grow faster, healthier, and handle sicknesses better.

This is harmless and has no side effects, which means the world can finally say goodbye to the chemical additives era and hello to safe and natural era. There has been 10 years of research and testing done by a leading European crystallography expert to prove the technology behind Biocrystal works, along with testing done at an Institute for plant protection in Toronto, Canada. Studies showed the crystals naturally had a positive impact on the plant organism by receiving energy useful for growth, development, and flowering. Therefore, producing the highest quality food for plants that eliminates feeding or unnatural fertilizers.

Vesna Pavletic, CEO and creator of Vito & Flora, and Zlatko Karajic, Managing Director at Biocrystal technologies, have been working long and hard on this project. Now they hope to bring the natural Vito and Flora solution to the world. It could be used on flowerpots. to help the world harness healthy plant life that is beneficial to the air everyone breathes in and the food people eat.  

This is why they have launched the IndieGoGo campaign. Funds received will be used to begin mass production and distribution of Vito and Flora, along with developing a website to sell the plant food and an application to guide people on plant care. Supporters can go to the campaign or click here. Those making a contribution will also be able to choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support!

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