Windows Phone Safest Smartphone on Market

Could gain company better opportunity for State and business sector usage

When the Blackberry first came out there were many reasons to like the device and company. One of the main reasons that corporate and state officials liked the product was its tight security. Many government bodies utilized the Blackberry in the first generations of mobile smart devices; however, nowadays many have diversified the market.

A recent report is now stating that 80% of malware is targeted against Android, due to the platform having an open-source identity. The iPhone has only 0.7% malware attacks, while Windows has a mere 0.3%. Windows phone is considered to be the safest system as of now, and now Windows is explaining just how they did it.

According the Michael Stroh of the Window’s blog, there were three major steps to avoiding the woes of a malware filled smartphone system.

The first maneuver was the create exclusive consumer source for Windows Phone Apps, which ensured the quality of apps that were to show up as available for users of the phone. The second step was to make sure every application was both tested and verified as safe by Microsoft. By doing so, customers would feel confident when they downloaded the product. Third, the company made sure to remember that malware would inevitably be created, and they had to be prepared to remove attempts to compromise the system.

While the Android has a larger number of users than Windows Phone, the fact actually plays into Window’s favor, as it is easier to get government officials interested in utilizing the product. Between less individuals crowding the service, plus the more secure overall system, officials are much more likely to move their group toward the Windows Phone.


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