Zenno is a New Home Automation System Powered by Senses

Zenno has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new home automation device. ”Powered by senses”, this device can use voice commands to allow you to connect with more devices in your home than previous hubs. In addition, there is a lot of customization integrated that allows users to program their surroundings exactly how they like them. Best of all, the setup takes less than 3 minutes! 

“The idea behind Zenno is two years old, but our co-founders have a longer history together,” says the company, “Stefan, Mihai and Robert have previously developed home automation systems and Zenno was the natural step forward. Besides the co-founders, several developers, engineers, designers and marketing specialists are working hard on making Zenno a quality product.”

The system will offer voice control for Android and iOS smartphones as well as Android Wear smart devices, to start. Zenno uses IR/RF code learning to easily integrate any device that uses a remote. This makes the setup very simple. Pointing your analog remote towards Zenno and pressing a button will retrieve a completely ready to use virtual version of it. After that, users can control their devices from the Zenno app. 

Thanks to the added control of IR devices, Zenno can control all the functions of your air conditioning unit and regulate temperature without the additional cost and complex installation of a thermostat. Custom voice commands can be programmed to control more than one device at once. For example, saying, “I want to watch a movie,” could shut off the lights, lower the blinds, and turn on the TV and sound system. 

“Zenno is a long-term commitment for our company. After the crowdfunding stage our system will be available through retailers. We constantly expand the list of compatible devices and focus on providing an amazing technology interaction experience,” the company shares. “By changing the way people use home electronics we can provide assistance to visually impaired people, so we plan to reach non-profits with our product.”

The team behind Zenno will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign so that they can raise the funds they need to bring this new home automation system to market. The company is excited to introduce this new tech product to more people and will be offering Zenno at a discounted price on Kickstarter. 

Check out Zenno’s website here for more information and subscribe to their newsletter so you can keep up-to-date with this product and the Kickstarter campaign launch. 

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