Advanced Career Platform Announced New Features for Finding W2 Jobs Quickly

Top career platform helps candidates find W2 jobs of their choice and matching their skill sets, quickly.

Finding the right job that matches your profile and qualifications can be a daunting task in the current economic situation where decent vacancies have almost dried up. Advanced career platforms can make the task of finding jobs easier for candidates looking for work opportunities that match their skills and specialization. is an end to end career platform which has features that help candidates and recruiters find better ways to achieve their employment objectives by managing their job related interactions better. This is done by what is known as a virtual strings concept, an innovative feature which is useful for candidates and recruiters in achieving their job search and recruiting needs.

SkillStings.Com has emerged as a unique career tool which can be viewed as a synergistic combination of the new age social media interactivity and the conventional job boards. The site boasts of some great features such as interview room, advanced recruitment tools and resources and video profile. These tools are designed to infuse a greater degree of efficiency and increased productivity across the board in the hiring process.

The Strings tab offers three options for both candidates and recruiters. One is called the Current which is a list of recruiters and candidates who network with each other and remain connected for exchanging information about job searches and job openings. This is done through Strings Chat, Strings Feed and Broadcast Messages. Employers and recruiters can also schedule online video interviews.

The second option is Find which helps in finding active recruiters and candidates of a skill within a selected industry. Users can also select the right match based on star ratings. Flag is the third option which is a shortlist of candidates not in the Current String yet. They can be reviewed for future recruiting and job searches.

One of the unique features available on SkillStrings.Com is the video profile. It is a 90 second video clip of recruiters, employers and candidates. The video profile provides them the platform to present more detailed information which cannot be included in a regular, static resume. The video can be used by the concerned parties to get a better understanding of each other and can influence the final decision-making process.

SkillStrings.Com has another unique recruitment tool called the Interview Room. The portal is the first and the only one to offer online video interviews which can be scheduled by recruiters and candidates by mutual consent. This feature is quite unlike Skype or other online video tools. Here, an interviewer can interview and view the resume of the candidate on the same page for better eye contact and greater convenience. Recruiters and hiring managers can also send an invite to their clients and team members to join in the interview through a videoconference.

SkillStrings.Com helps candidates find the jobs they are looking for as they are able to connect with recruiters and employers seeking their skills. Candidates looking for W2 jobs can keep their job search focused and targeted on such jobs and find more job listings that match their skills and profile. Another big advantage is that candidates can get a real response for every job they apply for and avoid the nerve-wrecking suspense over the fate of their application. They can also keep recruiters and hiring managers in their network, updated about any changes in their job profile and status.

Candidates can keep their W2 jobs search more organized by using the online calendar to view upcoming appointments. Recruiters too, can benefit by using the SkillStrings platform to connect with a targeted group of candidates with skill sets needed for the job openings.

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