Monetizing Arranged Marriages Can Produce $3bn in Revenue

Monetizing Arranged Marriages Can Produce $3bn in Revenue

“Parents of young adults have expressed willingness to pay up to $1500 for the right match”
Research led by Ibrahim Hanif calculates the potential revenue in matchmaking for the Indian market.

Ibrahim Hanif’s business research lab has conducted a study for a private equity fund. The research investigates potential markets that can be disrupted by tech startups. One potential idea is a matchmaking app aimed at parents.

In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, it is common for the parents to arrange matches for their sons and daughters. Connected men and women have, since the early 2000s, attached a finders’ fee to the service of connecting the right prospects.

“I did not expect our conservative calculations to go this high,” Ibrahim stated in the whitepaper now available at the fund’s investor relations website. “We were surprised when we surveyed parents for their willingness to pay for the right match.”

Tinder leads the market in matchmaking. Apps differentiated by sexual-orientation and gender, like Grindr, have since been launched. Other matchmaking apps, like Luxy, make a play at exclusivity. But the app proposed by Access Advisory’s actuarial and academic research would be aimed at the people not involved in the market: the parents.

“Cultures that outsource mate-selection to parents do well in relationship longevity,” says Dr. Stanley Cast. He believes the western countries would benefit from an element of parental consultation in matchmaking.

Hanif’s letter of recommendation calls the app a no-brainer necessity for the Indian market. “The fund’s decision to go forward with an app to capitalize upon the opportunity identified in our research has not been announced,” it reads. “But as far as I am concerned, it’s a no-brainer.”

Ibrahim Hanif is a business strategist and investor best known for the management of Hangman Capital. He also produces educational web series for entrepreneurs and conducts business research for strategic insights.

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