At Ogden School District students are privileged to be taught by dedicated and caring licensed educators. The district has excellent teachers and staff who are constantly trying to innovate and improve the learning experience for their students. With student needs at the forefront, teachers in the Ogden School District go through multiple trainings each year to ensure they are well equipped to cater to the evolving needs of students.

Ogden School District scours the nation and abroad to recruit highly effective licensed educators. New teachers who join Ogden School District go through a 3-year training program called entry years enhancement, to ensure they are highly qualified to educate their students. The program requires educators to go through evaluations, work with a mentor and attend multiple professional development sessions. Teachers going through the process must also create and submit portfolios to prepare them to pass a final exam before their third year. At the end of the process teachers become licensed as Level 2 educators in the state of Utah.

Ogden School District veteran teachers also continue to strive for excellence in the classroom by participating in renewal reviews, which consist of over 100 hours of continued education and a 2-hour youth suicide prevention course. Teachers also have opportunities to gain technology-based training and certifications through Google and ISTE.

The teachers in Ogden School District are driven to complete training and certifications to help their students have success in the classroom. An example of one of the excellent teachers in the Ogden School District is Ann Johnson a recent winner of the Achieving Higher Award for demonstrating extraordinary skill. In the words of one of her co-workers, “This teacher has taken our work in DYAD reading and has been dedicated to implementing this research in her classroom and making changes in her classroom to best meet her students’ needs. She took the time to level her entire library so that after she leveled her students and created partnerships she would have books ready to read with their partners. All of the actions she has taken has been to ensure their improvement in their fluency, which will overall improve their literacy in the years to come. She is an amazing teacher who not only is hard-working for her own classroom but for her fellow teachers since she is a team lead for a department.”
– Harmony Kryger

Multiple teachers in the district are outstanding at helping create successful environments for their students.

Ogden School District creates a caring environment so students can learn and grow. The success of students is the district’s number one priority. To learn more about Ogden School District and the outstanding staff, click here.

About Us

Established in 1849, Ogden City School District is an inner-city district, enriched by multicultural diversity. Ogden School District is committed to providing safe learning environments that stimulate our students’ curiosities, promote continuous improvement, and serve our surrounding communities. We believe that each student has the right to be appropriately challenged through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities, should have access to high quality instruction, and should be supported in their effort to exceed the basic standards.The district strives to provide students and families with programmatic choice through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

The Ogden School District consists of thirteen neighborhood elementary schools (K-6), three junior high schools(7-9), two comprehensive high schools (10-12), one alternative high school and one youth-in care school. The district faculty and staff serve approximately 11,500 students and their families. Ogden School District’s vision is to empower excellence through education!

Visit our website at www.ogdensd.org for more information on our district, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all our latest news.

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