Skeeba’s latest single ‘Lose Control’ blends rock with Hip-Hop to become the perfect party track

Jeremiah Skiba aka Skeeba is a talented new singer, songwriter and recording artist who has released his latest single “Lose Control”, a blend of Rock with Hip Hop to set the perfect party mood. The song features quality vocals by the singer and groovy beats that set the foot tapping. The 25-year-old singer was raised in Oak Cliff Texas and developed an interest in music early in his life, thanks to his family who were avid music fans. He grew up listening to Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Sam Cooke, The Doors and other popular artists, whose music inspired him to discover his singing talent.

Skeeba is currently producing music through his own label “Certified Nation Records”. He has performed at SXSW (South by southwest), ‪House of Blues Dallas, and did a small tour in 2017. Before becoming an ambitious singer and producer, Skeeba faced his fair share of hardships in life. Skeeba’s father left the house when he was a teenager so his mother and grandfather stepped up to raise him. To cope up with the harsh realities of life, he also voyaged into drugs and alcohol but soon realized that he wants to do so much more with his life. He indulged himself in music to have an outlet for his emotions. The constant encouragement from his mother and grandfather pushed him to pursue his musical dreams further as he discovered that Hip Hop was a path he wanted to travel down to. He was religiously listening to rappers like Eminem, The Beastie Boys and others which helped him discover his unique style of singing.

The moment Skeeba’s family gave him a microphone, his life changed. He developed his own style towards making non-genre based music that is relatable to people. He says, “It’s not about making music, it’s about making timeless art.” Over the years, Skeeba has mastered his craft, performing at various events, festivals and popular clubs. Although he was approached by many labels, he refused to sell out due to artistic differences and continued to create music under his own label.

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