CSIA Informs Clients on Changes to Local Representative Requirements for EAUE Approval

CSIA Informs Clients on Changes to Local Representative Requirements for EAUE Approval
CSIA has a history of helping clients get international approvals and certifications for their products. The company is now working in accordance to the new changes in Local Representative Requirements for EAUE approval.

Giving companies a gateway into international expansion by helping them get approvals and product certifications, CSIA caters to a diverse portfolio of high-profile clients from across the globe. The company aims to set the precedent high in terms of professionalism and ethics which is why CSIA stays ahead of the curve and diligently follows all the rules and regulations put forth by foreign governments. The company will now be working according to the new changes that EAUE has made to the requirements for local representative approval.

As of 25 October, 2019, the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council has issued an update on the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAUE). The new regulations aim to clarify the term “local representative authorized by manufacturer” and have companies work with an actual importer who shall serve as a local representative on the EAUE agreement. While previously any legal entity who was a member of EAUE could act as its own local representative for an EAUE Declaration, the companies are now required to work with an existing or new local importer who will act as a true local representative. 

This change has been issued in order to avoid any future violation of the EAUE Treaty. Under the treaty, manufacturers can only circulate their products in EAUE regulated markets if they work with a local importer who is authorized by the manufacturer to distribute the products and is mentioned on the EAUE certification. In the past, the treaty has been violated as EAUE certification bodies have approved applicants even when they don’t have a proper local representative. The EAUE is now fully geared to avoid such exploitation of the treaty. 

A spokesperson for CSIA made a press statement to shed further light on the issue “Here at CSIA, it is our responsibility to keep clients updated on all new rules and regulations so we can avoid any and all future complications. We are now working in accordance with the new EAUE rules and will be forming all future applications in respect to the regulations.” 

The new rules apply to member countries listed below:

  1. The Republic of Armenia (signed)
  2. The Republic of Belarus (signed)
  3. The Republic of Kazakhstan (signed)
  4. The Kyrgyz Republic (signed)
  5. The Russian Federation (signed)

More details regarding the new regulations and the full list of services offered by CSIA can be seen on their official company website at www.csiassoc.com

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