EverythingTech and Wiley India Successfully Completed a Webinar on String and I/O

A webinar introducing String and I/O organized by EverythingTech and Wiley India with a technology expert from MacLaurin Group

San Francisco, CA – On 20th January, EverythingTech and Wiley India organized a webinar discussing String and I/O hosted by Mayur Ramgir. This webinar aimed to focus on the role of Strings, various types of String operations, Input and Output operations, StringBuilder and StringBuffer, and Java File management.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/EW4XwhUnADs

Mayur Ramgir is an award-winning author, innovator, and philanthropist. He has already authored various books on technology and innovation. These books have been well received by awarding bodies and critics. Wiley has just published his new book “Full Stack Development with Spring MVC, Hibernate, jQuery, and Bootstrap” which covers various technologies involved in full-stack development with Java. In this webinar, Mayur Ramgir introduced this book which soon will be available at various outlets.

Mr. Alan Williamson was the guest technology expert, who is the Chief Technology Officer and partner at MacLaurin Group, a provider of operating partner services in technical and data analysis for private equity and investment companies in the USA. Alan’s strengths support the building, mentoring, and scaling out of teams to execute the current and future requirements of the business. He talked about the effective use of Strings in applications. He started by saying “Strings are extremely common in any sort of language, any sort of code, particularly in Java.  We would use Strings particularly when we are building up things like dynamic SQL statements, HTML snippets, or even user messages”.

He further expanded this by warning, “It might be tempting to bury the strings deep within code, and it is something one should resist at all opportunities”. He warned that we should never create manual strings of literal text inside code. Instead, he suggested that it is always better to have Strings buried in configurations files or even external databases. Alan considers it to be lazy to put large chunks of code and text into code and manipulate it.

The readability factor is very important when you are working in a team and everyone needs to understand the code you have written. He gave huge importance to the readability of the code and said: “We always find is large SQL statements are built up dynamically inside Java code that is often very very hard to pull apart and to diagnose because you are now in a situation where you have tightly coupled an external piece of string with your code and now they are very dependent upon one another”.

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