Frank Copeland Jr. from Copeland & Son
Copeland & Son Air Conditioning and Heating Service Inc. is a family owned and operated heating and cooling services provider in the Nashville area. As winter approaches, they caution families to have a carbon monoxide check prior to switching over from cool to heat.

Nashville, TN – Since 1981 Copeland & Son have been serving the greater Nashville region, providing top quality heating and air services to area residents. The company provides customized installation, replacement, and repairs of all HVAC equipment and has earned a powerful reputation in the area for providing top quality, affordable services. The company believes that part of their success is their commitment to the community and the health of area residents.  Copeland & Son  has gone the extra length to become certified air quality professionals and now advises clients and new customers to perform carbon monoxide and combustion analysis along with preventative maintenance before winter sets in 

“Most people do wait until the first cold spell to check their systems,” says Frank Copeland Jr. “Without trying to scare anyone this can be a huge problem because without performing routine checks homeowners have no idea what problems they can face when it comes to things like carbon monoxide or air quality. We were recently covered by local news for uncovering a carbon monoxide leak that the gas company missed just because we are trained to test Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis.”

Good indoor air quality is not a “nice to have” he explains, but an imperative. Homeowners have become very sick and even died from carbon monoxide exposure.  Consumers do not think that it will happen to them.   The National Fire Protection Association cites around 750 people each year dying from carbon monoxide exposure with around 30,000 requiring emergency assistance. Engaging certified technicians to perform seasonal maintenance and quality checks could eliminate these types of fatal problems before they even start. 

“Not only do we want to see our families stay warm in winter,” he says, “we also want to see them stay safe.” This is why the company has invested in the equipment and training to test for carbon monoxide leaks and how to correct the problem.  It is his hope that more people become aware of the issue so that they can take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones and not be the next news story for CO poisoning.  Copeland cautions against waiting until winter sets in to schedule an appointment due to the increased volume of calls.

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