Ukrainian artist Chasbo Zelena has taken his one man band to thousands of different spots in the world

Born in Ukraine, in a hut with no heating or electricity, Chasbo Zelena knew from a very young age that he is made for something bigger in his life. Going by the saying, “You can never be in a prophet (or make profit) in your own town”, he decided to travel the world and took his music to thousand different spots all over the world, from Kazakhstan to Kansas, and Killminster to Kinshasa. Chasbo has recently released his latest single Indignation on all major music platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud.

His humble upbringing wasn’t an obstacle but a motivation factor for him to do something great in his life. Now he intends to buy a skyscraper and live in a tent into on the roof. His eccentric perspective towards life is also reflected in his music that forces you to think. His every song is born from his subconscious and one may hate it or love it but can’t ignore it. After leaving Ukraine to discover more in life Chasbo spent many years in his car while driving across Europe from one town to another. He created a simple studio inside the car powered from the cigarette lighter port.

Chasbo has an early tryst with music and one of his favorite bands growing up was Guns and Roses. “The first band that I saw that blew the top of my head off was Guns and Roses as a 12 year old boy. They seemed like Gods on Earth to me. Subsequently, I listened to a lot of Blues music, but the old stuff. The good stuff”, says Chasbo.

Talking about his unique music Chasbo says, “To say the things that must go unsaid explicitly, when a tyrant is listening, you must speak in code. Music is also a form of hypnosis or magic when done right. For a brief moment, it can stop the insane chatter in your mind. So in a sense, I would like to help your brain say: Nothing.”

As a young musician, he was signed by many small labels but due to creative differences he decided to go on as an independent artist. Although he had about a million streams on one of his songs on Spotify, Chasbo feels he still has a long way to go as a musician in the industry.

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