Let people all over the world celebrate the Spring Festival with China

New York Times Square is the most eye-catching commercial core area in the world. With 450 million person-times per year, it is called “the crossroads of the world” and is truly the central hub of world commerce and culture. The crossroads of Shibuya is in Tokyo, just like Times Square in New York, which is the heart of this huge oriental city.In addition, Shibuya is also the largest birthplace of various vogue and fashions. All kinds of popular culture originated from Shibuya Street and became popular in the world.


During the Spring Festival in 2020, NewsMedia specially organized 30 giants from all walks of life in China to visit New York Times Square and Shibuya in Tokyo to jointly display the image of Chinese brands. In such a special way, New Year greetings are paid to the Chinese people and to the people of the world.


Let people all over the world celebrate the Spring Festival with China

Festivals are one of the carriers of culture and a force that affects commerce.A large number of western commodities and brands are also well known to Chinese consumers through festivals such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This activity is just hoping to use the Spring Festival, the most important traditional Chinese festival, to market Chinese enterprises and brands on the world stage.

Enterprises participating in this activity include: GREE、TCL、SANYUAN、BOSIDENG、CHANGHONG、ANKAI、QET、BORCCI、Treessun Flooring、 Boncham、EVER FOUNTAIN、CHILWEE、CENTENARY IMPRESSION、SOMNOPRO、ARIS、Holike、 ChaCha、LILANZ、Nondo、Carpenter.Tan、SCIHOME、DR PLANT、KITO、Totole、DeRucci、 LIEBO、Canny、GOOBEN、Regalia Group、ROSDN.

30 Chinese enterprises that participated in the login of the blue sky screen in New York Times Square and the 109 screen in Shibuya, Tokyo, came from different places and industries. Among them, there are not only world-renowned Chinese famous enterprises, but also models of small and medium-sized enterprises that are developing and becoming stronger and bigger. Although there are some differences in scale and even some of them are competitors to each other, under the banner of spreading Chinese culture and representing Chinese brands, these enterprises are united, demonstrating the ambition and strength of Chinese brands to embrace the world and move towards internationalization.

Let people all over the world celebrate the Spring Festival with China

In this marketing, the publicity cores of each major brand are mainly from two perspectives: one is to greet the people of the world and the other is to display their brand images. Many enterprises have skillfully combined these two points. These eye-catching slogans all show the strength and self-confidence of current Chinese enterprises and brands.

It is understood that this activity will continue until January 25 (the first day of the first lunar month). During this period, more Chinese industry leaders will land in New York and Tokyo. It is expected that more than 300 mainstream media inside and outside the country will report on the grand occasion of the event, further promoting the Spring Festival to become a global festival shared by the whole world.

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