Programmed, Dark Comedy Graphic Novel Now Live on Kickstarter

“Programmed” is an upcoming graphic novel that promises an engaging tale layered in unconventional dark comedy. 

CA-based comic book writer, who was instrumental in bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to IDW,Mike Cisneros is soon to launch his new dark comedy graphic novel on Kickstarter. Titled “Programmed,” the latest graphic novel is designed with vibrant illustrations and presents a thrilling concoction of love, revenge, and twisted humor, which promises to pack a solid punch for the readers.

Programmed is a beautifully illustrated full-color original graphic novel meant for those who are somewhat apathetic towards life. Packed with the right doses of nihilism, the book spreads out a twisted dark comedy that will especially appeal to those with a unique sense of humor.

“We have a kick-ass graphic novel here, written and illustrated with sheer hard work, passion, and lots of care. This unapologetically humorous graphic novel is full of twists, turns, and a solid punch to the gut that will leave you reeling while laughing out loud. Programmed is catered to those who harbor a deeply twisted sense of humor. From shocking characters to witty one-liners, the book has got everything to keep you excited and engaged all through”, stated Mike Cisneros, the writer, creator, letterer, and colorist of “Programmed.”

The upcoming graphic novel is set in the small island community of Tri-Arc Bay, Maryland. The protagonist of the story is a young man named Teddy, who has recently relocated to the small town and spends his time looking for a way to spend his time One day, he receives a spam e-mail from a company that allows members to literally grow their “dream girl” to their specifications. Teddy was elated to break up the monotony of his day-to-day existence and almost too-easily created his dream girl, Gen, who is “programmed” to love him unconditionally.

Things take a new turn when Teddy befriends a local girl Reah, and the two hit it off almost immediately. Now Teddy them must deal with the repercussions of creating life as his newfound romance sets Gen on a course of revenge and violence as she becomes determined to destroy Teddy’s life.

“Programmed is a result of years of hard work and passion. It’s my dream project, and I have poured almost everything into it to ensure the best product and best experience possible for our readers. And of course, our insanely talented Team Diaverik (Andy Baquerizo and Hong Zhu) have done a brilliant job to breathe life into the story with their fantastic illustrations. At present, we are looking forward to sending the book for mass printing and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our uniquely cool graphic novel to life and present something really intriguing for all our readers.”

Backers will be rewarded with a bunch of cool gifts, including handy discounts on the Graphic Novel, a digital copy of the book, backer’s name in the book, premium lithographs, DNA lips enamel pin, and so on.

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