Local Client Takeover Updates Free Google My Business Training Course for Local SEO

Local Client Takeover Updates Free Google My Business Training Course for Local SEO

McSherrystown, PA – Getting ahead of local SEO for local business success can be hard and this is why Local Client Takeover is taking business owners on a ride to learn the dos and don’ts of local SEO to help them better push their businesses to their target audience. As a leading local SEO specialist in the area, Local Client Takeover ensures that all of their training materials are structured so that users can gain the practical knowledge needed to get ahead of their competition and boost their overall ROI. Committed to helping more businesses get ahead, Local Client Takeover has announced the update of their free training for local SEO.

Their updated training material comprises some of the most sought-after information in the local SEO world. Offering local 3 pack training, agency building tips, and local marketing masterminds, their updated training is guaranteed to take aspiring agency owners, agencies, and individual digital marketers who want to serve their local clients and grow their business to 7 figures and beyond.

Describing the producers of the updated training material, the spokesperson for the company, Mark Luckenbaugh, said, “Local Client Takeover is for those that grow tired of the hype and want to learn, discuss, and improve upon their wealth generated from servicing local clients. Using tested methods from over 400 clients that generate over 390k per month, we offer individuals solutions to achieving a sustainable living through procuring customers in local markets. Leverage our knowledge for your success.”

The local SEO courses from Local Client Takeover are regularly updated to provide beneficiaries with the in-depth information and knowledge they need to get ahead in their various industries. The SEO consultants also pride themselves on their ability to maintain the digital marketing industry’s most comprehensively updated training materials, courses, and mastermind sessions that have been designed for marketing agency owners and SEOs looking to scale their agencies beyond 7 figures.

Some of the updated courses that clients can take advantage of include:

  • Google My Business SEO Specialist – The best free local SEO and maps training available with 14 lessons and over 80 videos. The training will take participants from a novice local SEO to an expert local SEO specialist.

  • Link Science – A training on the patents that influence link building. This free course helps participants to understand everything, from the backrub to an in-depth discussion on PageRank and Reasonable Surfer.

  • Facebook Local Ads – A free Facebook local strategy course ideally suitable for local clients. This course will help participants to run successful campaigns for their local clients while also teaching them how to target, bid, and launch creatives.

  • 7 Figure Agency Takeover – A free online course that takes participants from the initial business filings for their agency to recurring payment and invoicing solutions, as well as to 7-figure marketing and sales strategies. 

  • Profitable Local Google Ads – A free online course that helps participants to structure their PPC campaign for clients, taking advantage of the tips and tricks to drive leads fast and generate more income.

  • Limited Access SEO Mastermind – Held every six months in locations around the United States and geared towards revealing the latest hacks, round table sessions, guest contributions from world-class SEO’s, as well as a great 7 figure networking opportunity.

All of these
SEO training courses from LCT and many more, have been updated to provide participants, agencies, and interested individuals with the chance to scale their local SEO expertise.

Local Client Takeover is headquartered in McSherrystown, PA 17344. To learn more about becoming a local SEO specialist, contact their team via phone at (717) 316-8149 or send online inquiries via email to support@localclienttakeover.com. For additional information regarding their free training for local SEO, visit their website.

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