Automation for Humanity Seeks Exclusive Distribution Partners for Innovative Aged Care Automation Company

The company designs and manufactures fully automated and one-of-a kind independent living devices for seniors.


Kwai Chung, Hong Kong – Automation for Humanity is pleased to announce they are seeking exclusive distribution partnerships for their highly innovative aged care automation company and its products.


Automation for Humanity is an award-winning aged care automation startup from Hong Kong.  The company aims to help seniors age with dignity and independence, reduce fears associated with the cost of care, and substantially decrease reliance on caregivers.


“Across the globe, we are seeing a startling decrease in the number of caregivers that are available to work with the elderly,” says Samuel Hui, founder of Automation for Humanity.  “With the current aging population, there are simply not enough caregivers to provide 24/7 care.  In fact, considering 90% of seniors want to age at home, this would require 4 caregivers per senior to obtain the full support they require.  This is an alarming statistic to say the least.”

To address issues such as lack of caregivers and the high cost of full-time support, Automation for Humanity has developed products that automate the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which are critical self-care tasks that Occupational Therapists use to determine one’s ability to live alone, focusing on the tasks that require heavy lifting.

The first product is an automated bathing device, called the Sit & Shower, which helps seniors bathe with the press of a button.  The device automatically soaps, shampoos, and manages water temperature during bathing, with a bathing program that rotates to clean different parts of the body (including a bidet for private parts). 

“The Sit & Shower can be installed in an empty shower stall, or over a toilet if the washroom is a wet room,” states Hui.  “An optional shower chair allows for easy transfer in and out, making this the ultimate device for seniors to automate such an arduous chore.  Currently, the Sit & Shower has already been successfully launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden, with plans to enter markets in China and UK shortly.”

In addition to the Sit & Shower, Automation for Humanity also has other products under development at a prototype demo level, including an automatic bed to wheelchair transfer system and a self-driving wheelchair. 

“Based on our extensive research and current success rates, we are confident our products will become main stream in the near future,” Hui says.  “We hope to find financial partners from across the globe to help us realize this goal.”

For more information about Automation for Humanity, or to become a distribution partner, please visit the company’s website at

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About the Company

Automation for Humanity was born after seeing how expensive and ineffective most safe bathing products are for seniors and those with limited mobility.  The company’s products are designed by experienced engineers to improve the lives of those with limited mobility through technology.

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