Comparisons Between Hiring Through A Home Care Agency And A Private Home Caregiver

Comparisons Between Hiring Through A Home Care Agency And A Private Home Caregiver

Families who have decided that their loved ones need homecare services often are faced with the decision of choosing between a home care agency and a private caregiver. Both options can offer care in your home, but they come with their own pros and cons. However, when it comes to choosing a preferred home care New York service it is important to have a lucid understanding of the dissimilarities between the two of them.

Home Care Agency: Home care agencies are licensed organizations that hire caregivers and send them to the home of the client to offer in-home care. The caregivers can provide either medical or non-medical care.

Independent Caregivers: Private or independent caregivers are employed directly by the family. There is no intermediary agency between the client and the caregiver.

1. Choosing a Caregiver

When one hires from a home care agency, the client will be linked with a compatible caregiver. Agencies make use of a match caregiver system to choose a caregiver that can best cater to the needs of your loved ones.

When it comes to hiring a private caregiver, you will be responsible for the hiring process. Families often place ads online or use recommendations to find a preferred home care brooklyn near them.

2. Financial Comparison

Home care agencies can be more expensive compared to independent caregivers. Private caregivers are paid 20 to 30 percent less than preferred home care lawsuit agencies. The difference between home care agency cost and independent caregivers’ cost remains relatively constant in all the states.

3. Quality of Care

A distinction between the two alternatives that is worth mentioning is the quality of care. If you are unsatisfied with the service that you are receiving, you can call the agency and request for a new caregiver. On the other hand, if you have a private caregiver, you will have to go through the entire process of hiring again.

4. Ease of Hiring

The simplicity of hiring the caregiver is one of the main variations when hiring through a home care agency or a private caregiver. When it comes to hiring through a home care agency, the process is quite simple. There are numerous free matching services available. On the other hand, finding an independent caregiver can pose a challenge. It is similar to hiring an employee. You must write up a job description and post it on various locations. You will then meet the caregiver and interview them. The process is tiresome and can take long before you get a compatible caregiver.

Hiring someone to come into your home is a crucial decision. However, when you opt for preferred home care New York agency, you must ensure that they are licensed, insured and bonded should the worst happen. This is not the case when it comes to the private caregivers.

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