First-Ever Leisure & Boutique Hotel for Pregnant Women Launched on Indiegogo

Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be is a revolutionary recreation hotel for pregnant women located in Iława. It’s the first hotel to be developed with an emphasis on the special needs of would-be moms. 

There’s a special place prepared for the soon to be moms. A Poland-based dynamic hospitality company introduces the first-ever leisure & boutique hotel for pregnant women on Indiegogo. Aptly titled “Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be,” this female-friendly hotel is specially designed with stress on the special conditions of the would-be moms.

The first of its kind, Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be is an elegant modern boutique hotel layered with cozy Hamptons-style creative interiors. Most importantly, the hotel design boasts many technical, constructions, interior, and equipment solutions to create an idyllic ambiance of coziness, comfort, and security for the would-be moms.

“Pregnancy is a vulnerable time, and would-be moms should be able to relax in utmost comfort and security. This holds true when they are traveling as well. While 5-star or 7-star hotels are stylish and comfortable, yet none of them have been designed, keeping in mind the special needs of pregnant guests. Thus, they can’t promise the desired high level of safety and comfort as required by would-be moms, which makes travel risky & uncomfortable for most of them. But not anymore – Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be comes to the rescue here. This revolutionary hotel is exclusively designed and structured with special focus on typical needs of pregnant women to make travel safe and relaxing for them,” stated Ewa Koronkiewicz, Marketing Director from Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be team.

The first Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be hotel will be established in the lovely city of Iława, by the panoramic Jeziorak lake. The location is well connected, and the hotel will be strategically located close to the district hospital, restaurants, beach, park, and other amenities.

Boasting 7 rooms, this revolutionary boutique hotel is designed and fitted to enhance the comfort level and safety quotient of pregnant guests. All the rooms and bathrooms are intelligently designed with big windows to let in plenty of sunlight and fresh air with solutions that will also reduce risks of getting hit or falling. The hotel also houses a dedicated Pregnant Zone where would-be moms can interact with other pregnant women in the hotel. Equipped with a nice winter garden and top-notch CTG, the zone assures medical consultations on CTG results 24/7. Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be hotel will also offer state-of-the-art telemedicine assistance.

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted the unique features of the hotel:

  • Walls, equipment, and furniture with rounded edges
  • Widened doors with hidden or miniaturized handles
  • Railings, handles, and arms in commonly used spaces
  • Every room will be equipped with fetal Doppler, pressure gauge as well as an infrared thermometer
  • Shower bath equipped with broadened and safe opening
  • Free-standing bathtub
  • Certified fungicidal as well as protective paints
  • Mobile alarm button

“We want to make recreation for would-be moms special as well as absolutely phenomenal. But such a cutting-edge project like Mały Sopot demands robust financial backup and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make would-be moms feel comfortable, secure, and at home, even when they are traveling,”
say Zofia Kołakowska-Halbersztadt, Originator & Co-Founder of Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be. 

To learn more about the Mały Sopot for Mums-to-Be hotel project, please visit–2/reft/22005898/BYC

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