Think Outside of The Box SEO vs Almighty Google – Who Will Win?

Think Outside of The Box SEO vs Almighty Google - Who Will Win?

We know, a BOLD statement, right? Yes, it is but we still stand behind it!

Let me explain and keep in mind that this can be applied to ANY business!

So, for the purpose of this explanation, you are a business owner, let’s say a plumber The BEST one in a city – A MASTER of your trade! However, out of nowhere, there is another fellow plumber just around the corner from you, a young schmuck! Just came out of school and probably hardly knows the difference between a faucet and a kitchen sink (you think), but he is now full of himself and looking at you like he is THE ONE! Why? Because his phone is ringing off the hook and can hardly keep up with the ring-bling! For God sake, he needs to hire more young schmucks to help him out. In a meantime, with all the skills and experience, you are struggling to have your ends meet. You have been working so hard and honestly the whole life and now you are looking at someone totally new taking over the city in a hurry. Overnight! You are probably asking yourself: has the whole world gone mad? What happened to the good old word of mouth, spreading the news about a great plumber, great anything?

Sadly (not really) those times are over! Partly because of the fact that people became so busy with their life to think about others but mostly because of the beautiful thing that makes our life so easier and in a process made us addicted to it: The Almighty INTERNET. Well, that young competitor of yours, a whippersnapper (another old term for a young person), he is using that beautiful thing (you know, the internet) to its full potential. He is having a website and in today’s day and age, any time someone needs a plumber, they go to internet. To Mr. Google, to be exact. And, who do they see there: a Whiffet (yet, another old term for a young person), your new and young colleague. He is right there, on Google! You have a feeling that he is looking back at you and waving right from that Google page! You are about to smack the s*** of that computer! Then, a bright moment (you think): wait a minute, I think I have a website as well! Your fiend of a friend’s friend made you something like that. Yes, you are now sure: YOU DO HAVE A WEBSITE! Aha! But…where is it?

So, you scroll down the Google page, partly to get away from (you know who), go to a next page and …nothin’. Go to a next one, it must be there, right…nothing. Without even realizing it, you are already on page number 88 and still nothing! Dang! It looks like you’re not there “tilly goose”! The fact is, anything after Google page number 2 don’t really exist for people searching online.

Now you are getting mad, but that’s ok. It’s a process. The healing is about to start. It is about to get better and I am going to walk you through it.

Here, the reason that a Gremmie (another old term for young people totally free of charge from me to you) is on the first Google page could be just 2 of them.

Reason number 1:

He is paying to be there. Dearly. You know, every time someone clicks on his Google ad, he is paying the warden (Google) x amount of dollars. It could be $1, it could be $20! I know what you are thinking but don’t do that. Don’t click on his ad so he is out of a “Jackson”! Firstly, because is not ethical and secondly, you will piss me off so I virtually slap you, as ethical, is the only way we are going to win this game.

Reason number 2:

His website is well built and he is there totally rightful. Nevertheless, just because his website is ranking high on Google (Page 1 or 2), it doesn’t mean that you can’t beat him at that game and rank higher. With the help of an awesome group of people that know what they are doing, that is a reality and yes, you guessed it: that awesome group is my team.

Once we get into the picture, the local (or any other industry) ballgame changes and the tip of the fair scale tips to your side. Well, from this point it’s not actually a fair game as we will help you crush your competition. Guaranteed.


Here is the process:

Exclusively and for the sole purpose to bring leads to your business, we build and rank a website high on Google and minimum page 2 and very often, page number 1, the very top!

You know what that means, right? That means that you better get ready to handle the workload from customers calling you for their plumbing needs. Imagine having your phone ringing off the hook and now you start thinking of hiring more people to handle everything.

Still can’t handle the workload? Heck, sub it to a young schmuck from the beginning of the story, remember? Let him work for you now! He is now looking at Google listing above his and wonder, what a heck happened?

The best part, the only reason your Google listing is now there, is because of the well-built and optimized website that’s getting all the necessary traffic organically and WITHOUT paying anything for Google ads. Without paying $20 if some jealous and evil little competitor clicks on your listing. Nope! It won’t cost you a penny even if he does that. As a matter of fact, it will help you but about that, on another occasion. 

So, at this time you are probably asking yourself: if I am going to have all the traffic I need and won’t have to pay $20 every time someone clicks on my listing and save thousands like that, how much is all this going to cost: you know, building a website, creating content, hosting it, ranking it and keeping it ranked there for a long time.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t cheap. But let’s be frank, you don’t want it to be cheap.  This isn’t fly-by-night material that someone off the street threw together. This is as real as it gets and it either works or you are getting your money back. Every penny of it and all the work we did was for free and don’t blame me but, I hate working for free! Obviously, it only makes sense that if you read this far, you want to hear more, all the juicy details. To do that, simply visit us here to book a personal 1 on 1 meeting either through Zoom or good old fashion phone call and let’s start the process of you being in a driving seat of your own city, not some… well… you know! Schmuck. 

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